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  • Swimming pool 1 hour session, starts 0815 (advanced lanes, and improver's lanes).
  • Running sessions: 5k, 10k (Advance and beginner to intermediate groups), Drills, Sessions on the grass or red gravel e.g. mixed pace running, Trail running, hill running, Strength and Balance.
  • Open water sessions at Chepstow Dive centre, USK River and Bristol Triathlon Centre.
  • Club rides, short, medium and long distance for all (and of course coffee stops).
  • Transition practise.
  • Kettle bell and Core work.
  • Heart rate monitor work.
  • Spin Classes.
  • Brick Sessions.
  • Time Trials.
  • Body weight exercises
  • Many Fitness Sessions held throughout the week at the Abergavenny Leisure Centre.

We have a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainers, Various Activity Leads, Level 2 British Triathlon Coach

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